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4 Stress Reducing Tips Every Home Buyer Should Know

Buying a home is an extremely stressful process. From getting financing to working through the numerous problems you’ll have before you close, some may say it is one of the most stressful things you will ever do. That is why I’m writing this article – to give you 4 stress reducing tips every home buyer should know in order to keep them calm, cool, and collected when buying their next home.

1) You’re Not Going To Get Everything You Want

We work with a ton of people who are looking for their dream home. One thing many of these buyers forget is that they will have to compromise. Buying a home comes down to truly figuring out the 3-4 things that are most important for you and looking for and getting those. These important 3-4 things are going to be different for everyone, but it’s impossible to find an all brick home with a pool, a kitchen the size of a basketball court, bedrooms bigger than a tennis court, and bathrooms the size of cathedrals all for less than $100,000. It doesn’t exist. Anywhere. The unfortunate truth though is many buyers expect all of this when they start looking. Lower your expectations and focus on 3-4 reasonable things you want in a home.

2) A Good Lender & A Good Agent Are Must Haves

There are two people that pretty much every real estate deal needs. A lender and a real estate agent. These two factors allow you to get a home and find a home. Without them, your stuck having to save up a TON of cash to buy your home, and your market is limited to the few people not working with agents. Thus, make sure your lender and real estate agent are the best in the game. The good news is a good real estate agent will be able to recommend some good lenders, and any good lenders will be able to recommend good real estate agents. Ask around, read reviews, and see who everyone else is using. There is a reason everyone is using them.

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3) Don’t Freak Out About Your Home Inspection

Get a home inspection. It’s an extremely important part of the home-buying process, but don’t freak out if it comes back with 30 things wrong with it. Most homes have a few little things wrong with them. This is okay. Look past the little stuff that could be fixed with a wrench in a weekend. Focus on big things – flooded basements, termite damage, water damage. These are things that can be not only costly but add up over time. Another little tip – if it’s working, a seller isn’t going to fix it. If the roof or HVAC system is old but functioning, ask for a home warranty, not a new roof or HVAC because the seller isn’t going to replace them.

4) Breath; It’ll Be Okay

As I said at the beginning, buying a home is a stressful process. The best thing you can do is breath and lean on the people who you’re working with who do this every day – your lender, your real estate agent, your inspector, etc. We all do this every single day. Termite damage? We know how to handle it. Not going to have your down payment in time for closing? We can still make the deal come together. Seller not wanting to fix anything? We can keep pushing. We are professionals, and you’re working with us for a reason. Keep us informed, and let us solve problems for you. If you do this, your transaction will go a lot smoother and with a lot less stress.

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