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3 Home Improvement Projects That Will Add Value To Your Home

Everyone wants to fix up their home, but many people don’t realize or even think about how much money those renovations will add to the value of their home. Luckily, we’ve made a list of the top three home improvement projects that will add value to your home.

1) Update Your Kitchen & Bathrooms

You may have heard some say “kitchens and bathrooms sell homes,” and there is a lot of truth to that. When someone walks into a home, there are really three things they primarily look at – the kitchen, the bathrooms, and how much space there is. Since you can’t easily make all of the rooms in your home bigger, the kitchen and bathroom are the two main areas you can remodel and get a lot of value. The good thing about this is you can do it slowly over time, and spread out the costs of the remodel. For example, one year you could replace the cabinets in your kitchen and all the toilets in your bathrooms. Next year, move on to new counter tops in the kitchen and new tile in the bathrooms. This process can go on and on, but it ensures that you have the funds to get the job done while spreading out renovations over time.

2) Increase The Curb Appeal

The first impression your home will have to anyone is how it looks from the street. It says everything to many potential buyers, so be sure to keep your landscaping on point, plant flowers, trees, and keep your lawn manicured. It’s also important to keep paint from chipping, siding pressure washed, and wood stained and tidy. These small, little things don’t take much work if you do them once a year, but they can take tremendous amounts of time if you let them add up. Keeping up with these simple exterior items will go a long way towards home value.

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3) Finish That Basement!

Adding square footage to your home is the easiest and best way to increase value. If possible, add heat and air to your basement, put down some carpet, and paint the walls. These simple things will go a long way and could increase the value of your home 20 to 30%! In addition to that, you get new space to enjoy while you’re living in the home. It really is a win-win, and finishing a basement can be a lot more cost effective than many people believe. Remember how I said it’s hard to make your house bigger? Finishing a basement literally does that and increased square footage means more money for you when you sell the home.

Other Quick Things To Add Value

Here is another quick list of things that will help you get more out of your home when you sell it that don’t necessarily require an entire paragraph to explain.

  • Replacing carpet with hardwood.
  • Going from vinyl to tile in the bathroom.
  • Painting all of the rooms neutral colors.
  • Turning an extra coat closet into a half bath.
  • Adding a covered patio area in the backyard.
  • Installing new, insulating windows.
  • Painting the front door.
  • Simply not letting things sit. Fix issues as soon as they arise.

If you take and do two of these each summer, your home will hold and likely grow in value tremendously.

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6 Things You Must Do Before Selling Your Home

Selling your home can be an extremely stressful process. From dealing with minor repairs before listing to finding the right agent and choosing the best offer. Just the thought of selling your home can be overwhelming. Luckily, we’re here to give you 6 things you must do before selling your home.

1) Get Your Landscaping In Order

The first impression your house will have on potential buyers is from the outside, and because of this, it is important to make sure you have well-kept landscaping that is inviting and welcoming. Would you want to buy a house that’s yard hadn’t been mowed in weeks or one that had shrubs grown up past the windows? I know I wouldn’t, and I’ve seen great houses lose buyers because of this. It’s a simple fix that can go a long way towards selling your home.

2) Keep Your House Clean 24/7

This can be the hardest part of some sellers. Not only do you need to keep your yard tidy, but you also have to keep the inside of your house spic and span at all times. Doing this while living in your house is more difficult than some can imagine. You’ll find yourself constantly running around and picking things up minutes before a REALTOR© is supposed to show up and show your house. In order to prevent this from happening, we suggest having a nightly clean up policy. Take 15-30 minutes every night and pick up your house while it is for sale will stop the last minute freakouts from happening.

3) Fix The Small Stuff

Is the pain on your deck starting to chip? What about that door that just doesn’t shut all the way anymore? That’s just two examples of delayed maintenance items that should be addressed before listing your home for sale. By taking care of these two issues, buyers are more likely to assume you took care of the rest of your home – even if it had been years since that door open or the deck had been repainted.

4) Clean Out Your Junk

This one may seem a bit over the top, but the truth is people don’t like to see cluttered and junk filled houses, garages, or basements. If it looks like you don’t have enough storage, how can you expect someone that is looking to buy your home to think they’ll have enough storage? You can’t, and because of this, we recommend cleaning out/throwing away all of the junk you can before listing your home. Doing this makes packing up and moving easier too, so it really is a win/win/win!

5) Brighten It Up!

One small tactic that can go a long way towards selling your home is adding more light. Make sure all of your light bulbs are working, and open up the windows before showings. Doing so will help make the home feel more open and more inviting from the moment a potential buyer steps through the door. I would also recommend turning on any lamps in the house as that light can help brighten up dark corners.

6) Don’t Forget The Back

Many sellers forget the back of their homes even exist. We’ve seen hundreds of homes that are beautiful from the front door through the entire house. Then, the backyard strikes! From dirty siding on the extior to foot high grass and decks that are falling apart, we’ve seen it all stop people from pulling the trigger on an otherwise great looking home. Don’t forget about your backyard. Give the house a good pressure wash and keep that grass mowed!

Bonus! Find A Great, Local REALTOR®

While it is possible to sell a home without a REALTOR®, having one on your side makes the entire deal a lot easier and a lot less stressful. It allows them to manage things like pricing, contracts, counteroffers, home inspections, appraisal issues, and best of all, it puts a lot of the risk involved in selling a home on the REALTOR®. They are the one to blame if there is a contract issue not you as the home owner.